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MASTERMAX MASTERING To turn a collection of songs into an album requires experience, dedication, golden ears, and specialized equipment not found in a typical recording studio. Located in the Stellenbosch and Midrand, Mastermax Mastering has been established as one of the continent’s finest Mastering facilities. Through our chief mastering engineer, Tim Lengfeld, we retain unmatched skills and experience gained through the mastering of countless audiophile and commercial hit records. Our Team is easygoing, fun to work with, and committed to perfecting any project regardless of its technical and artistic requirements.

What is Mastering? It is your final authority on tonal balance, spacing, feel, and technical compliance. It is the last creative and technical step needed before an audio project can be replicated for distribution. It makes a good project sound great, and it offers a chance to discover errors that have been missed The Mastermax Difference - Mastering requires a different headspace to mixing and a fresh, unbiased set of ears. - Meticulous attention to detail, commitment to high-end equipment, and use of high resolution digital audio formats as well as verification and testing at every stage of the mastering process, ensures that Mastermax Mastering delivers audio of the highest quality. - Mastermax Mastering is flexible. Whether you want to add final touches to a track or album, remove noise, or transfer audio from one medium to another, we can assure success.


Mastering: Equalization, Compression, Multi-band compression (if necessary), Peak limiting - to find the holy grail of loudness ‘Pixie Dust' added to taste, Master assembly - tops, tails, and fades, Dithering Production of pre-master as DDP 2.0 or CD-Audio Optional output to DVD-Audio in 24/96 Master verification

Noise Removal / Reduction of: Pops and Plosives, Analog clicks and crackles;  Digital spikes and clicks, Digital clipping and analog distortion, Air conditioner noise, Hissing, Buzzing and Hum, Camera noise, Vinyl / wax cylinder surface noise, Excessive reverberation, Coughs, whistles, claps and Cell phone ringers, Car hooters, chairs moving, creaks, other audience noise,

Digital Editing – for classical music projects 32 tracks in 24bit / 96kHz resolution, Source/Destination four point editing a' la Sonic Solutions, Comprehensive cross-fade editor for inaudibility of edit, Double precision fades, All edits are non-destructive

Online Mastering: All our services are available from anywhere in the world by internet file interchange.



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