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MASTERMAX Studios is located at the MASTERMAX Productions Head Office in Midrand, South Africa. We offer state of the art recording, mixing and mastering facilities in stereo and surround. All the studios are equipped with the latest Pro Tools HD recording software and hardware. We also offer various other platforms like Logic, Sadie, SeqD etc.

With a spacious control room and a live room big enough to record a symphony orchestra, you won't find a better place to enhance your creativity than here.


Studio 1 consists of a 9 x 6m Control Room, 15 X 18 x 9m Live Room, 4 x 6m Vocal Booth and a 4 x 6m Piano Booth with a Yamaha C3 Grand Piano. All rooms has been acoustically designed with floating floors, double walls and suspended ceilings. This is MASTERMAX Studios' main tracking facility and the live room can fit a 50 piece choir or a 28 piece string section.
The control room is equipped with a Pro Tools HD3 system and a Control24 desk. With the standard setup the studio can multitrack up to 48ch and playback up to 192ch. For larger sessions the tracking can be upgraded to 92ch.

Monitoring: Adam P33A and A7 Monitors for 5.1 Surround Mixing. Yamaha NS10 monitors, Tanoy Gold monitors,

Outboard gear and Processing: 3 x Digidesign 192’s, 4 x Focusrite 8ch preamp, Rosendal Sync, Ensonique DP4, Focusrite voice processor, Tascam DAT, Waves Platinum EFX bundle, Apple Mac G5 Quad, 2x Samsung 22” Monitors.

We also now offer a Hearback headphone system providing personalized monitoring for each musician.

MMX recently added an API Lunchbox with Chandler, API and A-Design boutique Pre Amps.

Available Mics: 2 x Rode Classic,1 x Matched Pair Rode NT5, 1 x Neuman U87 Vintage, 1 x Neumann KSM105, 2 x AKGP100, 2 x AKGP220, 4 x Shure SM57, 1 x Audix D6, 2 x Shure Beta 58, 1 x Shure SM91, 2 x Matched Pair SE Electronics SE4, 1 x Yamaha Subkick, 1 x Royer R121 Live.

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